How Courts Define Negligence in Wrongful Death Claims in Clarksburg, West Virginia

Miley Legal Group

Negligence is defined as either performing an act or avoiding an act that has serious consequences for someone else – and in some cases, results in death. Families can file suit against the person whom they deem the negligent party. These cases often go to court, and a judge or jury determines whether the defendant was negligent – and if so, how much to compensate the victim’s family.

So how do the courts work to determine negligence in a case of wrongful death? There are a variety of factors and circumstances surrounding each particular case. Specifically, judges and juries work to answer the following questions: 

  • Did the defendant act – or fail to act – on something, resulting in another person’s death?
  • Would the death still have occurred if the defendant were not part of the equation?
  • How would someone else act if placed in the defendant’s shoes?

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