Holiday Toys: 10 Tips for Making It a Safer Season

Miley Legal Group

It’s that time of year again, shopping for the kids at Toys R’ Us, Target, Wright Stuff Works and other retailers for that perfect holiday present. For parents, it can be stressful, and not just because of crowded stores and prices. Many are concerned about safety and the potential for dangerous defective products to injure their children accidentally.

The following are 10 tips for making the holiday season safer when purchasing toys:

  • read labels (check for warnings and instructions);
  • avoid toys with magnets or small magnetic parts, which can be a choking hazard or cause internal injuries;
  • throw away plastic wrapping and bags after toys have been opened to prevent accidental suffocation;
  • do your own inspection of toys to make sure parts aren’t loose or too small for younger children;
  • before you go shopping, look for toys that have been recalled or made the worst toys list;
  • don’t purchase toys that have long strings, which could lead to strangulation;
  • avoid no-name toys or ones that have been handed down;
  • make sure toy products don’t contain lead;
  • skip jewelry for young children because they can be a choking hazard or may contain chemicals such as lead or cadmium; and
  • purchase age-appropriate toys.

Seeking Help from a Dangerous Product Attorney in Clarksburg, WV

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