Hiring a lawyer does not mean a trial

Miley Legal Group

There is a common misconception out there that most people think about when they hire an attorney.  Most people believe that if you hire an attorney for to take on your accident case, whether it is a car crash or a dog bite injury, that you will end up at trial in court, before a judge.  We are here to tell you that most clients we have served have not had to take one step into a courtroom.  In fact, nationally, it is believed that only 5-6% of all accident cases end up in court.  So that means that 95% of all accident claims do not end up in court.  We see that statistically with our clients as well.

Will My Accident Claim go to Trial?

Why you ask, will your claim not go to trial?  There are a number of reasons that explain why most accident claims do not end up in court.

  1. Our attorneys know the approximate value of your claim.   After years of experience, our attorneys have an idea of how much each case will be worth after all of the evidence is gathered. (Medical Bills and other items.)  We are pretty comfortable with knowing the value of a case based on injuries, lost wages, pain and suffer and other circumstances.  So with that in mind, we have an excellent position when dealing with an insurance adjuster and generally can get a claim settled even before a lawsuit is filed.  (Keep in mind, the goal is always to get the best amount available for your claim, and if that does lead to a trial, we are more than prepared to do that as well.  We may even suggest that as we get far along in your case.)
  2. The insurance company does not want to pay the expense of a trial.  Trials are expensive.  Insurance companies have to hire attorneys, experts, etc… when they go to trial.  The primary goal for an insurance adjuster is to keep the costs low for his or her company, whether that is to avoid a trial and settle, or attempt to undercut the value of your claim.  In either instance, having an experienced attorney that knows the process and knows the value of your claim will always put you in the best position.  (Did you know that when you hire an attorney, on average what you pocket from your claim is 30-40% higher?)
  3. Going to trial is generally caused by the insurance company not agreeing with your attorney.  The number one reason that accident cases go to trial is because the insurance company has either not accepted responsibility for the accident or is unwilling to settle the case for what your attorney thinks is appropriate.  Well before it gets to this point, our attorneys are prepared.  Evidence is gathered from your case beginning right after you sign up.  When we submit a demand to the insurance company, we have the evidence to support the amount we are asking for.  If your case gets to this point, and again only a small portion do, your attorney is well prepared and ready to take on the insurance company.

Experience Matters with Accident Claims and Dealing with Insurance Adjusters.

Our attorneys here understand the process and have extensive knowledge and experience when dealing with accident injury claims.  We understand the motives of the insurance adjuster and know the tactics they use to reduce your claim.  We know that most people want to avoid going to court and being in front of a judge.  Although we cannot guarantee your case will not go to trial, we can guarantee that we will get you the best outcome possible for your claim and the circumstances you find yourself in.

Still Concerned About Hiring an Accident Attorney?

So for those that are still nervous about going to trial and use that as a reason not to hire an attorney, let me remind you of a few things you must consider.  #1- Accident claims rarely go to trial and #2- You have the opportunity with a lawyer to pocket on average 30-40% more than handling the claim yourself.