High Chair Design Flaw Poses Bruising, Laceration Hazard

Miley Legal Group

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with Health Canada, Chicco and Artsana USA Inc., has recently issued a recall of Chicco Polly High Chairs. According to the CPSC’s report, the high chairs have two small pegs on the back legs that children could fall against and sustain anything from a bruise to a cut requiring stitches.

So far, Artsana USA has received 21 reports of child injuries. In each of the incidents, a child fell against a leg of the chair and suffered various injuries. Four of the injuries were cuts that needed to be medically closed, with stitches, tape or glue. One child suffered a scratched cornea.

The recall includes all Chico Polly High Chairs, imported from China by Artsana USA Inc., that have small pegs on the rear legs intended for use in storing trays. All of the recalled high chairs were manufactured before October 13, 2010, and sold between January 2005 and July 2012. The CPSC has released a full list of the model numbers and date codes included in this recall.

The chairs could have been purchased at: 

  • Babies R Us;
  • Burlington Coat Factory;
  • Buy Buy Baby;
  • Shopko;
  • Toys R Us;
  • Albeebaby.com;
  • Amazon.com;
  • Babyage.com;
  • Babysupermart.com;
  • Diapers.com; or
  • Target.com.


Affected consumers have been advised to contact Chicco immediately for a free cover kit. Until the repair is completed, consumers can avoid further risk of injury by storing the trays on the pegs when the chair is not being used.

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