Here’s a Thought for the Big Game this Weekend: The Success of Your Favorite NFL Team Affects Your Driving!

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So take extra care on Sunday evening if you plan on driving through either Charlotte or Denver.

Yes, you read that right, how your favorite NFL team performs at any given game, can have an effect on how you drive after the big game.

A study (yup, somebody did a study) performed by the Highway Loss Data Institute took a look at the number of reported collision claims in zip codes in and around NFL stadiums across the country.  It determined that there is a measurable increase in claims filed on game day.  What is more interesting is that the numbers were even higher if the home team lost.

Why’s that you say?  Well the obvious reason is that there is an increase in travelers during and around game time; in fact of the 31 NFL stadiums reviewed, 15 of them could accommodate over 70,000 spectators, with the smallest accommodating 50,000.  That’s a lot of traffic.

But how is it related to home team losses?

Although, there are some obvious shortcomings in this study, (most claims are tracked by the primary residence of the claimant and not the location of the accident) we can each see how they reached their conclusions.  If you are an avid football fan, in most instances you get emotional, whether your team wins or loses.  This occurs when you are at home on your couch, but it is especially intensified when you are at a game in person, surrounded by other fans and the fans of the opponent.  This all builds on the excitement of the game itself and on the atmosphere created in the stadium.  (Alcohol may have some factor as well, but we can look at that another time.)

Many can deny it, but the emotions that are felt during the game, don’t end at the final countdown, and it certainly does not end at the exit gate.  Emotions can and will be transferred and expressed in other areas of your life, including driving.

So what does this tell us?  I would say number one, it tells us that you should have a level headed designated driver if you are going to attend your home team’s football game in person.  If you are not attending a game or have no interest in the game and you live near a stadium where the home team just lost…stay off the road.

If you are in an accident, caused by a crazy football fan or not, give us a call and we can evaluate your case with no fee or obligation.

You can view the actual report here.