Five Rules for Dealing with Doctors After a Car Accident

Miley Legal Group

If you are in an accident, either with a truck, car or motorcycle, it is important for you to understand that your decisions can and will affect the outcome of your claim with an insurance company. After any accident, it is important to get medical treatment and get better.  Under normal circumstances, a doctor’s visit can be stressful, this is especially the case after an accident.

Here are five rules you need to consider when treating.

Rule #1:  Take Care of You
Seek medical treatment immediately after an accident or as soon as you feel something is wrong, pain can arise days after your accident.  The insurance company will review your medical records and attempt
to question the severity of your injuries.

Rule #2: Be Honest
When you visit the doctor, make sure you are honest about your injuries and how it affects your daily life (both work and personal).  This could affect the treatment they recommend and you want to get
back on your feet as soon as possible.

Rule #3: Keep Up With Treatments
It is important that you follow through with treatment plans as ordered by your doctor.  Missing appointments could give the impression that your injuries are not severe.  

Rule #4:  Don’t Ask For Legal Advice
Your doctor is not a lawyer.  It is important to explain your situation to the doctor to ensure the best treatment possible, however, it is important to note that you should only take legal advice from your lawyer
and not a medical provider.

Rule #5:  Keep Your Paperwork
Your medical documents are important to your case, in fact, they will be treated as evidence.  Keep copies of your medical records so you can present them as needed.

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