First Steps When Filing for Mediation Resolution

Miley Legal Group

Mediation can be a successful way to resolve the claims process. When negotiations with the insurance company have stalled, it may help to have a neutral third party guide both sides toward a mutually satisfactory agreement. Consider some of the first steps to take when filing for a mediation resolution.

Initial Steps When Getting Ready for Mediation: Emotionally

It’s important to set aside personal feelings about what the insurance company is or isn’t doing. Coming into a mediation session ready to fight is contradictory to its purpose. In fact, you will get much further keeping your emotions in check and understanding that it’s about negotiating, not arguing.

Getting Ready for Mediation: Organization

Gather all relevant paperwork and documentation. You will be more successful at negotiating when you have everything necessary to present your side. This may include anything from photographs and medical records to police reports and video surveillance. It depends on the type of personal injury case. An attorney can ensure that nothing is missing and you are well organized.

Getting Ready for Mediation: Knowledge

Understand your legal rights. Before attending a mediation session, it’s important to understand your legal rights. For instance, if the case involves a serious car crash, be sure you know traffic laws that may apply or how your and the other party’s degree of negligence could affect the case.

If it was a hunting accident, be familiar with hunting laws that could affect the case. Again, an attorney is the best source when it comes to knowing your legal rights.

Personal injury cases aren’t known for being easy settlements. There can be a variety of complications that arise which delays reaching a settlement. When this happens, consider the different types of alternative dispute resolutions that may be utilized. And discuss your options with an attorney at The Miley Legal Group in Clarksburg. Set up your consultation today: 304-931-4088 or contact us online.