Fed Up With West Virginia Getting An "F" In Ethics?

Miley Legal Group

Del. Tim Miley led charge in WV House of Delegates to strengthen ethics laws

In 2009, the Center for Public Integrity evaluated West Virginia’s ethics laws and gave the state an “F” based upon the law’s failure to require public officials to disclose spousal assets.  Currently, any person serving in a public office is required by the West Virginia Ethics Commission to complete a disclosure form to provide information related to that person’s assets and sources of income.

Given the “F” grade, Delegate Tim Miley introduced, and was the lead sponsor of, a bill which would have required the spouses of all public officials to disclose the same financial information that is required to be disclosed by the public official.  The purpose for such disclosure requirement is to prevent the public official from taking action on a matter that will financially benefit that official or his family.

The West Virginia House of Delegates passed the ethics bill in the first week of the legislative session, receiving unanimous bi-partisan support.  However, because the West Virginia State Senate refused to take up the bill, it did not become law this year.  Despite this first unsuccessful attempt to strengthen our state’s ethics laws, Tim Miley continues to fight to bring integrity to public service. He is committed to strengthening our ethics laws in the State of West Virginia.

Other bills that Tim Miley supported this session that became law include:  increasing the size of the State Police’s child protection unit to create the Child Predator Unit; a bill increasing the age at which students can drop out of school; increasing criminal penalties for persons who obstruct, flee from or make false statements to law-enforcement officers;  increasing the criminal penalty for failing to stop and render aid after a motor vehicle accident;  the creation of  Business Courts within our existing judicial system which would handle disputes between businesses; and an elections spending disclosure bill that requires groups to disclose their political spending so the public has more information about who is running ads.

If you would like to see the complete list of bills that passed in 2010, please go online at http://www.legis.state.wv.us/.