Evidence that may Increase Compensation in a West Virginia Truck Accident Claim

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When a truck driver or his or her company has acted in a careless or reckless manner and you are injured, you could be compensated through a West Virginia truck accident claim. By meeting with a Bridgeport truck accident lawyer, you can learn what your rights are.

To prove the extent of your injuries and that someone else acted in a negligent manner, you will need adequate evidence. There are some types of evidence that may even help increase the value of your claim.

Evidence to Collect to Help Your West Virginia Truck Accident Claim

Some of the evidence that can be helpful in potentially increasing your compensation in a West Virginia truck accident claim includes:

  • driver’s logbook;
  • pictures of the accident scene and/or your injuries;
  • the trucker’s past driving record (including violations);
  • statements from witnesses;
  • expert medical testimony;
  • testimony from an accident reconstruction expert;
  • the communication log between driver and company;
  • records of truck driver’s training experience; and
  • documentation from a certified safety specialist.

There are different types of compensation that may be available through a West Virginia truck accident claim. To learn what you may be entitled to after being seriously injured in a truck accident, contact a Bridgeport truck accident lawyer.