Elderly Driver in Clarksburg: Tests for Road Safety

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You may not realize it, but an elderly driver in Clarksburg may threaten your safety. That’s because as people age, their ability to see clearly and think quickly begins to decline. Although drivers over 50 still can be fit and alert, problems may begin to occur once they pass the age of 70.

Unfortunately, there are no tests designed to determine whether an elderly driver in Clarksburg is still capable of operating a motor vehicle. In fact, even though residents of this state are required to take a vision test when renewing their driver’s licenses, there are no special provisions for seniors.

This means that if an older driver is able to pass the vision screening upon renewal, nothing can prevent him or her from operating an automobile. But just because the state of West Virginia does not prevent older drivers from sharing the road, he still may be a danger to himself and others.

Because there is no magic age for legally removing older drivers, however, it is up to the individuals and their families to determine when they should stop operating a car for good.

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