Drunk Driving is Still a Problem

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Drunk Driving is still a problem in Clarksburg, WV and all over the United States

Working in a Personal Injury Firm in Harrison County, WV, I am becoming all too familiar with the statistics: 12,000 people killed every year at the hands of a drunk driver and thousands more suffer horrendous injuries. The lives lost through these horrible accidents plague the media; television news, newspapers and the Internet are all flooded with the stories of lives cut short because of one person’s irresponsibility.

This irresponsible behavior accounts for 65% of auto accident fatalities and is far more common that one would think. From 7:00pm to 3:00am, 10% of the people behind the wheel are well over the legal limit. This may not seem like that high of a number- but when you think about it that means 1 out of every 10 cars you pass when you’re driving at night is driven by a drunk driver. If you live near a city with higher traffic levels there is a lot of opportunity to fall victim to a drunk driver. What is even scarier is that out of this 10% of drivers, the average BAC is .20 (more than twice the legal limit in State of West Virginia.)  That means a 180 lb person had to drink 14 beers over a 4 hour period to attain that level of alcohol- I don’t know too many people that are functioning well after consuming 14 beers.

Drunk driving laws have been in place for years and the consequences of drunk driving are constantly being revised to become stricter. Despite the efforts to reduce drunk driving incidents through legal legislation the chance of being involved in a drunk driving accident is still 60%. With these odds, how are you to remain safe on the roads and not become a statistic?

I liked this article written by Seattle auto accident lawyer, Jason Epstein.  It offers some advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of a drunk driver. In the article: Top Ways to Spot a Drunk Driver you will learn what signs to look for and the proper way to deal with a suspected drunk driver.

If you have fallen victim to a drunk driver please don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer regarding your case.  Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have, we will keep it confidential.

If you happen to be in Washington State, please contact Jason Epstein with the Seattle auto accident law firm, Premier Law Group for your questions and/or concerns.