Do You Need a Lawyer to Deal With Insurance Companies?

Miley Legal Group

Accidents can be complicated events.  If you have been in an accident and are to the point of dealing with an insurance company, you have more than likely either finished your medical treatment or are well on your way to doing so.  If not, you should complete your medical treatment first before speaking with an insurance company.  An insurance company should not be pushing you to settle your claim until you have completed all medical treatment.

You should only be dealing with an insurance company to settle any property damage you may have before you complete your treatment.

If you are being contacted by an insurance adjuster for any reason other than settling a property damage claim, you should have the information you need to protect your rights.  Insurance companies and their adjusters are out to protect their bottom line, which means hurting yours.  Insurance companies won’t tell you everything you need to know, but we will!  You have a right to have your medical bills, lost wages, property damage taken care of.  You also have a right to be compensated for your injuries, which includes pain and suffering.  Do not let the insurance adjuster take advantage of you.  We have the information you need!

Find out what you need to know, get our free report.  Click here to get the information you need and request our report.  Hear what insurance adjusters will do with you medical information.  It is worse than you think.  Insurance adjusters will ask you to sign a bunch of forms, some of which can be detrimental to your case.  Find out what you should not sign.

Are you prepared? Get this Report Before You Speak with an Adjuster!

After an accident…claims will be filed…statements taken…and insurance adjusters summoned…. You need to be sure you are prepared to deal with what the insurance company will throw at you.  In order to get the information you need, we are offering a FREE report that outlines what you should watch out for when dealing with an adjustor.  Get it now and find out what traps the insurance companies use to catch you!  Even if you already spoke with the insurance company, you still need to see this report!