Diana Holmes of the Taylor County Humane Society our December 2016 Celebrating Volunteers Winner

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As we move through the Holiday Season, it is important to remember our neighbors and friends in addition to our family.  Included in the “friends” category should be the four legged friends we share our homes with.  Animals are a huge part of a number of families found within our region.  West Virginians are prone to show kindness and love for all of God’s creatures.  Animals hold a special place in the hearts of many, including Diana Holmes.  Diana has worked many years with animals found all across our state, but more specifically, with the animals of Taylor County.  As the President of the Taylor County Humane Society, Diana Holmes, spends a large portion of her time at the animal shelter.

On a daily basis, she is at the shelter working to take care of the animals under it’s care and to find homes for those in need.  She works diligently with the Taylor County Humane Officer and with those families that call in asking for the shelter to care for an animal found or an animal that may need medical attention that is to much for the family to bear financially.  Diana notes that one of the larger problems in the county is not that animals are without homes, although that is a big problem, but that more often than not, the financial burden to care for a pet gets the best of many in the county.

You will always find the Taylor County Animal Shelter bustling with activity, whether it be accepting a new animal or receiving a frantic phone call for the next one, and you will always find Diana somewhere among the the kennels.  That is why Diana Holmes is being recognized as December’s Celebrating Volunteer Award winner.

Diana Holmes began her volunteer career through the local little league baseball program, following her son’s career up to the Grafton High School All Sports Mothers program ending her stint there serving as President.  When her son graduated and moved on to his college career, Diana wanted to continue her community involvement.  Luck would have it that around that time the Humane Society had recently been founded in Taylor County and they needed a lot of assistance.  She began her start volunteering, by fostering the animals abandoned at the shelter, and that lead to her constant involvement today.

“I have always loved dogs and grew up with lots of them.  Once helping and seeing how many dogs and puppies were abandoned, abused and neglected, I couldn’t stop,” said Diana.  “My husband and I have fostered over 500 dogs, spanning the past 15+ years, mainly the orphaned pups, moms with pups, sick or injured dogs.  Some days the stress is overwhelming, trying to find them all new homes, but the progress our group has made in the community by reducing the number of unwanted dogs and educating people, we can’t stop now!”

“Visiting the animal shelter and seeing first hand the need for this type of assistance in the community, helps me to understand the difficulty faced by the Taylor County Humane Society,” Gretchen Ross of WBOY stated.  “They need as much assistance as they can get.  They are lucky to have a volunteer like Diana Holmes to help them care for those dogs and find them warm, welcoming homes.”

taylor county animal shelter recognized by area lawyer“Animals have always been an important part of my life.  Through having pets of my own and the work I have done with the West Virginia House of Delegates, I understand the importance of local animal shelters and the need they have for wonderful volunteers such as Diana,” said Tim Miley, owner of The Miley Legal Group.  “The work that she puts in at the shelter and throughout the community shines a bright light on Taylor County and the future of the many animals that she has and will come across.”

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The Celebrating Volunteers awardees receive public recognition for not only themselves, but their organization.  They also receive a $500 contribution to the organization they represent in their name.  Gretchen Ross of WBOY TV and Tim Miley of The Miley Legal Group work together to select the awardees from the many nominations received from the public.   The volunteer selected will have demonstrated their commitment to an organization through volunteerism and support.

“I am an avid supporter of volunteerism in our communities.”  Miley stated.  “The Celebrating Volunteers program is a way that we can recognize the hard work and dedication of individuals across our region.”

We look forward to recognizing a number of worthy individuals while giving their organizations a part of the spotlight.  The program will continue recognizing volunteers throughout the coming year.  In order to nominate a volunteer to receive this award, please visit WBOY’s nomination page, the form can be found on the bottom of the page.

For more information on the Taylor County Humane Society, please visit their website at tchswv.com