Delegate Miley Refuses to Play Industry and Lobbyist Games

Miley Legal Group

Delegate Tim Miley presented HB4486 Relating to the Disclosure of Insurance Coverage.  The bill updates current WV State code to have insurance companies disclose the limits of liability coverage once a claim has been filed.  Current law, mandates that liability coverage be disclosed after suit has been filed.  Disclosing the information prior to filing the lawsuit will give full disclosure to the claimant or the claimant’s attorney and hopefully diminish the need to file.

On Friday, an email was sent to the legislative members but signed only by the Chamber of Commerce, no specific author, stating several misleading charges.  Delegate Miley spoke to every single point and the outrageous nature of each charge.  He was especially infuriated by the final allegation regarding the ethane cracker plant.

Listen to his justified outrage and find out what shocking claims they made in his floor speech:

Delegate Miley makes clear he “is sick of these industries and lobbyists fear mongering and essentially threatening people to vote for or against a certain bill or a certain amendment” and he is “not going to play their game.”

He concludes his speech by stating “we can agree to disagree on political issues.  We can agree to disagree on philosophical issues but don’t put out baseless and unverified accusations without one piece of authority referred to, one fact referred to like the Chamber of Commerce has done.”

It is about time we finally have someone step up and say NO to games and propaganda.