Defective Product: Injuries from a Defective seat belt

Miley Legal Group

Though seat belts are designed to keep you and your passengers safe, the truth is, they don’t always do that. seat belts, like any other product, are subject to defects and failure. Unfortunately, like most products, you can’t just return it to the store when it fails to work properly. When a safety belt fails, it can mean severe and life-threatening injuries for those involved.

When a seat belt fails, there are many ways a driver or passenger can be injured, including:

  • hitting the steering wheel, dashboard or roof, causing head, neck, chest, arm, and leg injuries;
  • being ejected through the windshield, causing spinal cord and neck injuries, which could result in paralysis or even death;
  • strangulation caused by too much slack in the belt; and
  • head and neck injuries, because too much slack in the belt allowed them to be too close to the airbag at the time it deployed;

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