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seat belts save lives. We’ve all heard that saying before, and it’s definitely true. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, safety belts saved more than 12,000 lives in 2009, and they could have saved another 3,600 had they been used 100% of the time. Unfortunately, a seat belt is a man-made product and is subject to failure and defects. And when a safety belt does fail, it can mean catastrophic results for the driver or passengers.

If you believe your seat belt was a defective product causing your accident or injury, you could have grounds for a claim against the manufacturer or distributor. Contact a Taylor County product liability attorney at Miley Legal today.

Ways seat belts Can Fail

There are several ways a seat belt can prove to be a defective product:

  • Retractor failure – When you’re in an accident, your safety belt should lock into place by way of its retractor device. This holds you in place while your car is hit, flipped or moved, and it protects you from being thrown about the vehicle or through a window. If the retractor fails, it could mean catastrophic and life-threatening consequences.
  • Unlatching & false latching – Often, during a collision, inertia will thrust a driver or passenger forward, forcing a fully latched seat belt to unlatch and open. This could severely injure or even kill the driver by sending him or her into the steering wheel, dashboard or out the front windshield. Sometimes, seat belts also exhibit a “false latch.” This makes it feel (and sound) like the belt is safely secured when, in fact, it is not. This can also pose dangers in the event of a wreck.

For more information on the devastating effects of an accident caused by defective products, continue to the next page. If you feel your injuries were caused by a defective product, like a seat belt, contact a Taylor County product liability attorney today.