Dash App Turns Your Vehicle into a Smart Car

Miley Legal Group

Just released, Dash is one way to make your vehicle not only smarter but safer. It’s a new app that analyzes driving behavior and includes an assortment of other features. Learn more about what it can do and how to obtain it.

Important Features of the Dash App

Once the hardware has been installed and the app has been downloaded, it will start gathering data to provide a driving score. This is based on behaviors such as over-accelerating and hard braking. Scoring is done on a scale of zero to 100.

The app has many features:

  • detecting crashes;
  • alerting to engine problems;
  • where to find the cheapest gas; and
  • approximate costs for repairs when the check engine light illuminates.

It can also provide feedback on how to make the vehicle run more efficiently based on maintenance and driving style.

How to Obtain and Install the Dash App

Dash app was recently launched for Android and is available on Google Play. It will be coming for iOS at a later time. In addition to downloading the app, an on-board diagnostic unit (OBD-II) is required. These can be found for as low as $10.

It should be noted that the app will work on any car built since 1996, as they contain OBD-II ports. It then connects to the vehicle wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Smarter driving means safer driving, which reduces the risk of an accident. But an app can only do so much to avoid some of the most common causes and types of auto accidents that occur in West Virginia.

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