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Dangerous or Defective Product Claims in West Virginia

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If you have been seriously injured because of a dangerous or defective product in West Virginia, you may be eligible to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer and any other party that played a part in making or distributing the product.

Bringing a lawsuit against a corporation can be daunting. After all, big companies have plenty of money and a lot to lose, which means they can assemble a legal team at the drop of a hat in order to protect themselves. However, this should not deter you from exercising your right to seek full reparation for your injuries.

A Skilled West Virginia Product Liability Attorney is Key

With the help of an experienced West Virginia product liability attorney, you can determine the strength of your case and whether you are entitled to compensation. Your West Virginia product liability attorney will use their legal know-how and resources to investigate the events that led to your injury or loved one’s death and build a winning argument against the liable party(ies).

A product liability claim can be very complicated and difficult to win for an inexperienced attorney. The claims process should begin as soon as possible and should only be handled by a product liability attorney with a proven record of success. This is especially true since in a product liability claim several parties can be at fault for causing you serious harm.

Common Types of Dangerous or Defective Products

Some of the common types of products that can cause serious injury or death include:

  • prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals;
  • dangerous or defective children’s toys (i.e., choking hazards and lead poisoning);
  • motor vehicle parts like brakes, airbags, and seat belts;
  • baby products such as cribs and car seats;
  • household cleaning products; or
  • medical devices which include stents, catheters, and defibrillators.

In addition, you may be entitled to file a product liability claim when a product that did not provide adequate warning or instructions causes you injury.

Contacting a West Virginia Product Liability Attorney

If you have been injured because of a dangerous or defective product in West Virginia, you should contact an experienced product liability attorney in West Virginia immediately. The timing is important as you want to be sure that you file your lawsuit within the statute of limitations 

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Tim Miley
Tim Miley is the founder of The Miley Legal Group. After earning his undergraduate degree in finance at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, Tim attended Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, where he received his Juris Doctorate. Tim is admitted to practice in all courts in West Virginia and is currently a member of the American Association for Justice, the West Virginia American Association for Justice, the West Virginia Bar Association and the Harrison County Bar Association.
Find out if You're Eligible for Compensation in just Minutes

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