Dangerous Driving Behaviors in a Truck Accident

Miley Legal Group

Truck accidents are especially alarming because of the sheer size and weight of the big rig. Oftentimes it isn’t the trucker who is injured in a crash; it is others, such as motorists, pedestrians or motorcyclists.

When these types of crashes are caused by dangerous driving behaviors, they could lead to the injured party filing a claim against a negligent truck driver and his or her employer.

Types of Dangerous Truck Driving Behaviors

One type of dangerous driving behavior is distracted driving. This is when the driver is focused on something other than operating the truck and paying attention to the road. Even taking his or her eyes off the road for a few seconds can result in a devastating crash.

Distractions come in all forms, with technology:

  • texting;
  • talking on a cell phone;
  • using a GPS device; and
  • checking email.

But a driver can also be distracted by other things, such as reaching for something in the truck, eating or drinking, changing dials or reading.

Another type of dangerous driving behavior is recklessness. When truck drivers are rushing to get to the next destination – such as to meet a deadline – some may engage in actions such as tailgating, making frequent lane changes, remaining in the left lane, unsafe passing of other vehicles and speeding.

Drivers who spend long periods of time on the road are also at risk of becoming fatigued. This is why there are federal regulations that limit how much time can be spent behind the wheel of a big rig. Going over that limit could lead to drowsy driving and increase the risk of an accident.

There are numerous other causes of truck accidents. For instance, there may be dangers in the cargo being transported. Truck drivers have a responsibility to ensure the load is secure and balanced. If they fail to do so or engage in any of the driving behaviors listed previously, accident victims may seek consultation with a lawyer for help filing a claim.