Danger Tractor Trailer Truck Accidents

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A truck accident can be devastating, especially with one up against a car, truck or even a motorcycle.  Serious or even fatal injuries can results from the accident, and either way, the damages will be costly for all parties involved.  The weight of a tractor trailer pales in comparison to a smaller vehicle, and although in most cases they are traveling at the same rate of speed, the impact between the two is move severe then when to smaller vehicles collide.

Are Truck Accidents Different?

These types of accidents are not only different in the collision and the impact, but also different in how a claim would be handled.  There are specific rules and regulations that large trucks must follow that differ from a car or truck.  There are different insurance rules, licensing rules for the driver, safety requirements and even documentation requirements.  You would need someone knowledgeable and experienced with these additional requirements if you or a loved one was in an accident with a tractor trailer.

Choose the Right Truck Accident Lawyer

Contacting an attorney after one of these accidents is important.  One could even say more important that after a small car accident.  Evidence preservation and accident scene review is key for these types of claims.  You want a firm that has the knowledge and tools to hit the ground running and gather the information you will need for a successful claim.  Many law firms that do not specialize in accident cases, and take all kinds of cases, will not have the resources or experience available to them, and mistakes can be made.  Truck accidents have a number of considerations, and investigating to determine who is at fault is key and prepares the ground work for a potential law suit.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be caused by a number of factors, similar to car accidents.  Things such as weather, speed, distracted driving and even over tiredness have caused a number of tractor trailers to be involved in crashes.  However, did you know that improper truck maintenance or even negligence can create a hazard on wheels for other drivers?  Trucking rules and regulations require that trucking companies and truck drivers keep specific records of their vehicles and the number of hours on the road.  Failure to comply will lead to heavy fines and even revoking of permits a licensing.  This information is never readily available to accident victims, and must be reviewed by an attorney with experience to find any deficiencies.

Results of a Truck Accident Claim

We at The Miley Legal Group have a proven track record to help our clients resolve truck accident claims.  Insurance companies for tractor trailers work to resolve claims at a minimal cost to them.  They do not have an accident victim’s best interest in mind.  The more investigating and information your lawyers can gather, the larger upper hand you will have when it comes to either a settlement negotiation or law suit.  Keep that in mind when you decide what to do after such an accident.  You want to be in the best position to ensure your medical bills and damages are fully covered, including any future issues you may have.

If you need further information or a free case consultation, do not hesitate to get in touch with us right away, time starts ticking on your claim right after the accident.