Crash Videos, Should they go viral?

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With the infusion of social media and new technology, the public has been afforded the opportunity to see accidents and their results firsthand.  We are taking emergency rescue shows to a whole new level.  Is this good for the public?  Does it make us more aware and want to be safer when we are driving or riding a motorcycle?  I can’t answer that, but what I can tell you is that the videos you can see on the internet are graphic and sometimes provide a jolt to your nervous system.

Case in point, this past week, a recording of a motorcycle accident went viral.  It shows exactly what happened leading up to the accident, during and after.  I warn you, if you click on the picture, it is graphic.  Expect to be shocked-the actual accident takes place at the 2:40 mark.  (A more censored version of the video can be seen here.)

Jesse Lopez, a motorcyclist from Los Angeles, California was wearing his GoPro camera when he came face to face with an emergency vehicle, in case you were wondering, the firetruck wins.  What value do you see in having this video go viral?  Well, for one, newscasts will air it or at least portions of it, because the general public likes to see sensationalism.  Some watch it to just see a motorcycle accident.  The public also enjoys watching an accident take place, knowing the victim survived.  I talk about it here because it enforces the need to ensure that the public understands the dangers of a motorcycle and the need to take all safety precautions.  If you are shocked, you are more likely to remember the video when you are riding your motorcycle.  You will be more aware of the dangers and what actions you should take to prevent this type of accident from happening to you.

News channels across the country reported on the incident, but in most cases as seen here, the report included information from a safety organization such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  We recently posted a blog with safety information, as May is motorcycle awareness month.  Lopez survived the accident, but incurred a broken femur, tibia, fibula, ulna and humerus.  This could have been avoided if he took extra precautions that include slowing down before entering the curve.  We always encourage safety when riding or driving.  Motorcycle accidents are usually accidents in which the victims receive the most severe injuries.  There generally is a longer recovery time.

Obviously, we can all judge the accident and ways it could have been prevented, but no one was there in the moment, although it sort of feels like it when we watch the video.

Source: NBC News 4- Los Angeles, YouTube

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