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Coping With Wrongful Death after a Truck Accident

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No one can really prepare for a loved one’s sudden death, such as in a fatal accident involving a large truck. It can leave family reeling from the shock and wondering how they will ever be able to pick up the pieces.

The emotions experienced after a wrongful death can vary, and some that are more common than others. For instance, it can feel like life will never be normal again. There wasn’t a chance to prepare, so for some the reality of the situation can take time to set in. Don’t rush the process.

The Stages of Grief

Recognize that it’s normal to go through the stages of grief, with some taking longer in one stage than another. Disbelief or denial tends to be the first stage. Oftentimes this is followed by anger, which can be directed at anyone – the truck driver or even the loved one for leaving, even when there may have been no control over the situation.

The bargaining stage follows, many times accompanied with “if onlys.” If only my loved one hadn’t decided to drive there.  If only I hadn’t sent him/her on an errand. Depression may follow. It can stem from the sadness of the loss and the repercussions like worries about finances and the future.

The final stage is acceptance. Keep in mind that some people might skip some stages, since everyone copes with loss differently.

Help When Coping with Death

Support groups, counseling and other resources can help some deal with their grief. Some choose to read books on the subject that might offer tips for dealing with their grief or may put into words complicated feelings they’re experiencing.

If you’re having trouble dealing with a loved one’s death or simply want to talk to someone, seek help from a mental health professional. Meanwhile, the Miley Legal Group offers resources that can help you answer your legal questions like our free eBook that goes over mistakes that can ruin a legal case.

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