Common Types of Truck Accidents in West Virginia

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If you have been seriously injured in a West Virginia truck accident, you may be eligible to file a truck accident claim against the driver and any other parties liable for your injuries.

Bringing a lawsuit against a driver and in many cases against the trucking company that employs them, may seem intimidating. You may feel like you are no match against a large trucking company that is likely to have a legal team in place to protect them in cases like this. However, this should not stop you from pursuing your right to recover damages for your injuries.

Having a Clarksburg truck accident lawyer on your side can help ensure your rights are protected throughout the claims process and help you work toward a fair settlement.

Types of Truck Accidents in West Virginia

Accidents involving a truck can be devastating. Some common types of truck accidents that can occur in West Virginia include:

  • hit and run;
  • head on collision;
  • underride accident (when the front of a vehicle goes underneath the truck);
  • override accident (when the truck drives over or on top of a vehicle);
  • loss of control of truck;
  • rear-end collision;
  • jack-knife accident;
  • broadside collision;
  • lane change collision; and
  • truck crosses the center lane.  

A passenger car is simply no match against such a large piece of machinery.

If you have been injured in a truck accident in West Virginia, it’s important to talk to a Clarksburg truck accident lawyer about your legal options for recovering compensation. An experienced attorney can help you determine which parties may be at fault in your West Virginia truck accident based on the specifics of your accident.

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