Citizen’s Spotlight: Timothy R. Miley

Miley Legal Group

Many of you know Tim Miley personally, while some of you may only know him from his appearances in his firm’s television commercials.  But few of you know the journey his life took to become one of the most recognized lawyers in North Central West Virginia.

Upon Tim’s graduation from high school, he received his undergraduate Finance degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and later received his law degree from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

When Tim began practicing law, his first ten years were spent representing large corporations and insurance companies against injured people.  After getting his “belly full” of working on behalf of large insurance companies, he opened his own practice with another lawyer in 2001, at which point he dedicated himself then, and forever more, to representing injured people.

As he was building his law practice, Tim searched for additional ways he could serve his fellow West Virginians outside of practicing law.  In 2004, he ran for, and won, a seat in the West Virginia House of Delegates representing Harrison County and part of Marion County;  and Tim has been serving in that capacity ever since.

After having two law firms with two different law partners, Tim decided to strike out on his own and build the type of law firm that he always envisioned – a law firm on the cutting edge dedicated to providing excellent legal service to injured people.  Thus, he founded The Miley Legal Group on June 1, 2006.

Given that his time was becoming increasingly consumed by building his law firm and serving in the West Virginia legislature, many friends thought he would never find a potential spouse who would share his same interests, while also tolerating his hectic schedule.

When Tim was introduced to Susan Aguayo Wilcher – the West Virginia Democratic field representative for North Central West Virginia – many friends were hopeful that a relationship could develop; after all, she was beautiful, enjoyed politics, and was from nearby Buckhannon.  After the two began dating, there was wagering in both the legal and political worlds as to whether Susan was going to be THE ONE!  After having lived for 15,817 days as a bachelor, and 22 months of dating, Tim Miley (a.k.a. the ‘Tiger’), was finally ‘tamed’ by the former Susan Aguayo Wilcher when they exchanged wedding vows atop Snowshoe Mountain on July 31, 2009.

Tim is surprised as to how easily he is adjusting to married life.  “Because I was set in my ways for so long, I thought it would be really difficult to share my life, and everything in it, with another person.  Surprisingly, it has been relatively easy, but I guess that is what occurs when you wait long enough to find the right person to marry.”  The biggest adjustment Tim has faced is learning to help raise his 13 year-old step-daughter, Jordin.  When asked to describe his experiences on that issue, he replied, “put it this way, I went from being a single male, to becoming a step-father to a 13 year-old, female, only child, who had to leave lifelong friends when she moved to Bridgeport.  Needless to say, the drama in the Miley house has increased significantly!”  Despite the challenges, Tim would never trade married life to return to bachelorhood.