Citizen’s Spotlight: The Mountaineer Military Museum – Owners Ron & Barbara McVaney

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Name: The Mountaineer Military Museum

Location: In the historic Weston Colored School, 345 Center Avenue, Weston, WV  26452

How did the Museum get its start? Ron McVaney and his friends were drafted during the Vietnam War.  Three of his friends were sent to Vietnam while Mr. McVaney served in Germany.  Ron was the only one of the four that made it home.  While serving as a pall bearer at his best friend’s funeral, he made a ‘Promise’: “I’ll never let anyone forget you.”  That was in 1969.

Ron began to collect military artifacts and after several attempts, in February of 2005 with the help from the Lewis County Board of Education, the Museum was given the lease of the historic Weston Colored School.  Building of new displays began and on Memorial Day Weekend in 2006, the new Mountaineer Military Museum was open to the public.  Ron’s ‘Promise’ had been fulfilled.

The Museum has grown by leaps and bounds, and has undergone several building upgrades.

What is your favorite artifact in the Museum? Ron’s favorite piece from the Museum is a hand-written flight log of WW II pilot from the Weston area. Mr. Feeny’s family donated his log book and the log book of his co-pilot.  Mr. Feeny flew B-17’s.  He was shot down over Holland.

What are you most proud of? Ron is most proud of the community’s acceptance and support of the Museum.  He and Barbara have heard, over and over, that the locals say: “WE have a great Museum in our town!”

Events: The annual “VET-TOGETHER” that is held on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  It is a ‘gathering’ of Veterans and the community to fellowship.  This event commemorates the anniversary of the Museum’s initial beginning and the first event of the summer tourism season.

They are open in the summer on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00am-4:00pm.  In the winter, they are open on Saturdays only at 10:00am and the closing time depends on visitors.

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