Citizen’s Spotlight: Latrice Weatherspoon – Author of Mommy’s First Year

Miley Legal Group

Name:  Latrice Weatherspoon

What made you decide to write a children’s book?  Two weeks after my daughter’s first birthday, I became inspired to write about my experience as a first time mother, and how my daughter behaved the first year.

What/Who inspires you to write?  I love writing.  As a child I was always writing short stories and knew I wanted to be an author.

Do you ever get writer’s block and if so, how do you correct it?  I still struggle with it.  Distractions make it challenging to focus on my writing.

Who is/are the most memorable individual(s) in your life that have contributed to your success?  My daughter, my mother, and my grandparents.

What has been the most memorable time of your life and why?  At age 15, I wrote a novel and sent it to get published; it was rejected.  I remember thinking it was a great book that I would read, which actually made me question my writing capability.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?  A customer at Starbucks told me to publish online with Lulu Publishing Company.  Lulu publishes your work for free. The customer also told me, don’t give up and as challenging as it has been, I haven’t yet.

What are some goals you are working toward?  Re-editing Mommy’s First Year, publish another children’s book along with two novels.  I also want to pick up column and write columns.  I never stop setting goals.

Based upon your experience, if someone wanted to write their own book, what advice would you offer them?  Don’t give up, ask lots of questions, write down the answers, do plenty of research, and beware of publishing scams.

When people look back on your life, how do you want to be remembered?  I want them to think this girl is always smiling, hard working, creative, and maybe even inspirational.

Should someone want to request a copy of your book, Mommy’s First Year, how do they do that?  Contact me at 304-692-7705, Email me at or on Lulu Publishing website.  Mommy’s First Year put in the search box.