Citizen’s Spotlight: Kaitlin Brown – Junior At Bridgeport High School

Miley Legal Group

Name: Kaitlin Brown

Age: 17

Student:  Junior (about to enter her Senior year) at Bridgeport High School

Family: Father-Richard Brown; Mother-Nancy Brown; Younger Sister-Rachel Brown

Hobbies:  She likes to go boating and tubing at Stonewall Jackson Lake with her family.

Plans for College:   Kaitlin is planning on attending West Virginia Wesleyan College.

Future Career Path:  Psychology or Public Relations with a minor in Business because she enjoys working with people and business will be a good foundation for any employment.

What is the most difficult part of being a teenager?  You have to grow up so fast.  Pressure for college and life start materializing in middle school now, instead of high school.

What advice would you give parents trying to understand their teenagers?  Really listen to your teenager.  Although you were a teenager before, you are not experiencing the same types of things that teenagers today are facing.  Also, whatever you do, don’t give up on your teen.

Significant events:  2009 was quite a year for Kaitlin.  In February, she was diagnosed with Spina Bifida, however, she is not letting that slow her down.  In the fall, she lost her grandfather and a friend, Talon Steadman, within a week of each other.  Her grandfather taught her so much about life, especially how it isn’t the mistakes you make but how you overcome them.  Talon’s death made a huge impact on her because she took  it to heart that you really have to make a difference while you can.

What did you do to get students involved in the No Texting and Driving Campaign?  Bridgeport High School lost a student last fall in a car accident linked to texting and driving.  Kaitlin, Ryan Echard, and Rachel Brown arranged to have that student’s father speak about it.  They lined up educational programs with the Driver’s Education classes. Also, during lunch, they gave out the no texting and driving bracelets while encouraging students to make the pledge to not text and drive.  Their effort paid off and approximately 250 students signed up.

NOTE:  Kaitlin, her sister and friend brought in the most pledge cards for the No Texting and Driving Campaign The Miley Legal Group sponsored.