Citizen’s Spotlight: Gary Gaskins – US Marshal

Miley Legal Group

Name: Gary Gaskins

Age: 56

Wife/Children: Wife of 37 years-Debora Gaskins; son-Ronnie M. Gaskins (WV State Trooper); and daughter-Shannon Gaskins-Elliott (Elementary School Teacher and WVU Cheerleading Coach)

Hobbies: Sport activities, traveling and photography

Title:  United States Marshal for the Northern District of West Virginia

Years in law enforcement: 34 plus years with the WV State Police (Retired as the Troop 1 Commander with the rank of Captain) and was sworn in as US Marshal on June 17, 2010

What qualities of your mother/father influenced you the most?  Hard work, respect of others and spending quality time with family members

What is the best piece of advice you ever got? To have a friend; be one.

What is the most difficult part of being a US Marshal? For me it is coming from outside the Marshal’s Service and learning the inner workings of their agency.  The Marshal’s Service is an important part of the Federal Judiciary while being under the Executive branch of the government.

What do you think has kept you motivated? My passion and dedication to being involved in the field of law enforcement, public service and interacting with others.  A sense of having a purpose in life.

What is the most unique or strangest incident you’ve encountered being in law enforcement/US Marshal? A fellow trooper and I had to travel to Philadelphia, PA working on a criminal investigation.  While visiting Independence Hall we were invited to see Philadelphia from the tower while standing underneath the bell.  Standing atop of Independence Hall under the Liberty Bell was extremely unique.

What types of crimes do you see increasing the most around our area?  Currently it seems to be prescription drugs; property crimes and drugs in general.

What is the biggest risk you see facing kids today?  Peer pressure in taking drugs and being easily influenced to making bad judgments.

What advice would you give our readers? To be involved in their communities, be a productive citizen and make people around them a better person.  Always support our military personnel for their sacrifice they do for all of us so we can celebrate the freedom we have today.