Citizen’s Spotlight: Douglas R. Miley Bridgeport West Virginia

Miley Legal Group

At work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., coming home for dinner with his wife and newborn son, and sometimes returning to work from 9 p.m. until after midnight.  Of course, there were always the weekends for relaxation – Saturday and Sunday meant he probably only worked 4-6 hours each day, only to come home to yard work and barely enough time for meals with his family.  Working first as an assistant prosecutor and then as a personal injury attorney, this is how Doug Miley spent most of his days while practicing law in Ohio for 14 years.

“I really enjoyed being a prosecutor,” Doug says, “but my greatest satisfaction came when I began working for a large Dayton law firm representing injured people.  I felt called to fight the insurance companies that routinely take advantage of innocent injured victims.”

It was during his time at the Dayton law firm that Doug met and eventually married his wife, Heidi.  She was a paralegal at the firm, and looking back, she remembers being a little unsure at first about dating Doug. “Knowing how many hours Doug worked, I was leery about getting romantically involved with him,” she says, “but I became attracted to his passion for life.”

After the birth of their first child, Hunter, in January 2007, Doug and Heidi began to seriously think about the quality of life they wanted their family to experience. Ultimately, they decided that West Virginia was where they wanted to live and raise their family.

Was it crazy for Doug to give up a successful legal career in Ohio and move his family to West Virginia?  Not in Doug’s mind – it was his love of family that inspired him to move back to Clarksburg.  In doing so, he would not only be closer to his parents, brothers, and sister, but he would also be returning to the area that he came to know and love as a child – when Saturday livestock sales still occurred in Bridgeport, and his aunt and uncle owned and operated Miley’s Hobbies and Crafts in downtown Clarksburg.

Doug is grateful about the decision to move back to West Virginia.  He and Heidi are expecting their second child next month and recently built a house in Bridgeport and feel very much at home in the community.  While it was not an easy road to West Virginia for Doug and his family, the decision of whether to raise a family in Dayton or Bridgeport wasn’t hard to make.  If he had it to do over again, Doug wouldn’t change a thing, except he would have moved to West Virginia sooner.