Citizen’s Spotlight: Dan Riggs – Local Owner of Dan Riggs Garage And Towing, LLC

Miley Legal Group

Name: Dan Riggs

Age: 47 years old

Married/Children? Michelle Riggs, married 21 years.  Two children, Carrington, 19 years old, Freshman at West Virginia University and Chase, 14 years old, Freshman at Notre Dame.

Profession? Owner of Dan Riggs Garage and Towing, LLC.

What made you start your business? Originally a part of a family business, then in 1998 family differences made me decide to go out on my own.  I feel lucky to love what I do, and to have really great customers.

What is the strangest thing you ever towed? Small airplanes, helicopters, horse trailer including the horse, a carousel, ovens, refrigerators, and a 30 foot bar for a wedding.  The most memorable tow relates to a car involved in a bank robbery.  The Trooper told me to take the car to State Police Headquarters in Shinnston and not stop for anything.  The trooper followed and a helicopter flew above me.  I later learned the car had over $200,000.00 in a gym bag on the back seat.  The ironic thing, I never got paid for the tow.

What was the most difficult towing situation you faced? A minivan up a telephone pole and suspended in mid-air.  I had to use two trucks; one to lower it, and the second positioned directly below.  Surprisingly, the minivan had minimal damage.

What is your busiest time of year? Clear sunny days.  More people traveling, greater carelessness and higher rates of speed.

Do you have partnerships with organizations like the State Police or AAA?  If so, how does the system work?  AAA, AARP, Allstate, Geico and larger motor clubs have designated towing agencies.  The cities, counties and state agencies have scheduled rotations.  To be eligible for rotations, certain criteria must be met, such as owning two or more trucks, 24 hour call service, secure inside and gated storage, etc.  An individual has the right to choose the towing agency.

 Any tips, trick or advice you would like to share with our readers?  For drivers to be cautious, avoid distractions, and drive according to road conditions.