Citizen’s Spotlight: Cynthia Hill Bridgeport West Virginia

Miley Legal Group

Cynthia was born and raised in West Virginia.  As a young girl, she was raised on a dairy farm in Reynoldsvillle, WV called Abraham’s Star Dairy.  Ford and Anna Abraham were her grandparents.  The family delivered milk in the Clarksburg area for years.  Cynthia’s parents, Richard and Martha Abraham also worked the farm as well as each drove School Buses for the Harrison County Board of Education.  Although the farm is no longer a Dairy Farm, the Milk House has been converted into a Dog Kennel which her parents raise Yorkshire and Chihuahua puppies as a hobby.

Cynthia graduated from Liberty High School in 1977.  She was a cheerleader in Middle School and all through High School.  The love of cheerleading and gymnastics led her to open her own gymnastics training following high school.  She taught gymnastics for the next 14 years.  Cynthia attended the West Virginia Business College, majored in Business and Accounting and graduated with honors and a 4.0.

Early in her life, her strong work ethic from her upbringing caused her to be determined to do well.  At the age of 23, single and not long out of college, she bought 2 acres of land and had a house built for her just outside Clarksburg.

In 1979, she went to work for McWhorter Advertising Corp, an outdoor advertising company, which operated in three states, as a bookkeeper.  In 1984, she was promoted to office Manager.  In April of 1992, she married Ronald W. Hill, who also was employed by McWhorter Advertising.  In 1993, she and her husband acquired the business and grew the company and developed a thriving locally based business with 34 employees, operating in four states with over 1200 displays.  In 1997, they sold the business to Lamar Outdoor Advertising.  From 1997, until selling their interests in 2001, she and Ron also owned and operated outdoor advertising operations in Tampa Florida and throughout Alabama.

On October 27, 1993, Cynthia and Ron were blessed with identical twin girls, Meredith and Marina.  Today the twins are now 16, are juniors at Bridgeport High School, and are on the Bridgeport Dance Line.  The girls take dance from Annabelle Timm’s School of Dance as well as DOXA Dance and piano lessons, which keep Cynthia on the go.  When asked many times about the challenge of having twins, her answer has always been, “It’s not that hard, you just do everything twice”.  In October of 1997, Cynthia and Ron were again blessed with another daughter, Megan, who passed away unexpectedly in 2001. Cynthia is also the step-mom to Ron’s oldest child, Rachelle who is now 26.  “Being a step-mom is just another way to love a child and you still do everything possible to help them grow to be caring and productive adults.

Cynthia and Ron are also host parents to Rotary Exchange Students.  Julie Alvarez, from Mexico is their 7th exchange student.  Cynthia and Ron have hosted students from the Chezch Republic, Slavakia, Belguim, Chile, Brazil (twice) in the past. When asked why they did this she responded, “To expose your family, especially children, to other cultures, builds lasting relationships that cross all cultural borders and brings understanding and caring friendships that last a lifetime.” Julie attends Bridgeport High School with their twin girls and also is involved in dance at Annabell’s and Doxa Dance.

In 2000, Cynthia brought her love for children and educational excellence to her active participation as a member of the Harrison County Student Achievement board.   The purpose of the Harrison County Student Achievement Program is to recognize the achievement of students in Harrison County’s public and private schools.   The Harrison County Student Achievement Scholarships are awarded to the students who best exemplify the philosophy of the Harrison County Student Achievement Program.  In 2007, Cynthia was asked to serve as Secretary of the Board of Directors.

She also brought her love to serve others to the Rotary Club of Clarksburg, where she was invited to membership in 1998 and maintains active membership and service as an officer of that organization.  Cynthia notes that, “Serving others is a way of life that I learned from my childhood.  My family has always reached out to others and those early lessons created a desire to help others, to leave things better than you find them.  I believe you should always give back.”

Another way the family gives back is through the Horizon’s Church Children’s Ministry.  Cynthia and the girls help weekly at Children’s Church while her husband serves as the Ministry and Counseling Pastor at Horizons Church.  The family also participates with Kids Camp, Vacation Bible School, the Kids Christmas Play as well as any other Kids Ministry function they are needed.

In 2003, after selling their businesses in Florida and Alabama, Cynthia organized Simplified Accounting Center, which was created as her practice of general accounting services for small businesses of all types in North Central West Virginia.  In November of 2007, The Miley Legal Group hired for her services and she has remained there since.

When asked about her relationship with the Miley Legal Group, she said, “I love working in an atmosphere where everyone likes what they do and enjoys the people they work with.  We’re like one big happy family”.

Some of Cynthia’s hobbies include scrapbooking, reading a good book or watching a movie in front of a warm fire.

Family has always been a major focus in Cynthia’s life.  She and Ron love to spend time with their family in all sorts of activities from vacationing at the beach to going to the movies; it really doesn’t matter as long as they do it together as a family.  Whether it is at the beach, in church, Kid’s Camp or jut working around the home, family is where the heart is found.