Citizen’s Spotlight: Chris Sander – PARCS Superstores

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Name:  Chris Sander, Owner/Member of PARCS Superstores

Age:  34

Children:  Gabriella 8, and Felicity 14

Hobbies:  Cooking and boating

Is PARCS an acronym for something? Yes, my family members, Pete, Anna, Renee, myself Chris and our last name Sander.

How did PARCS get started?  My parents, Peter and Elizabeth Renee Sander purchased property along US Rt. 50.  Within a year or so our family was approached by various manufactures inquiring about the possibility of selling their products.

What made you want to expand PARCS?  Our customer’s needs, and the addition of new product lines.

What is your busiest time of year?  Mid February thru December

Best story/experience with the public?  After PARCS Superstores started selling Kubota tractors and equipment, a very nice older gentleman from Arizona stopped in and asked a price on a tractor.  After some discussion with this gentleman and his hearing the price, he quickly went for his car.  I was astounded by his walking away so I started to ask why he was leaving only to be stopped in mid-sentence by his saying “I’m not mad, I’m going for my checkbook”.  I later asked him why buy here and not closer to home?   He said “Chris, I have been stopping at every tractor dealership I saw along the way and I told myself that the first nice salesmen that actually cared and took the time to truly help me, I was going to buy from him.” I learned a huge lesson that day:  when I care, people care back.  Caring for our customer’s wants and needs has been the driving force of PARCS Superstores.

What is the hardest aspect of owning your own business?  Time…making, having, spending and using time.  Time and make you or break you, and delegating time between family and business is a delicate balancing act!

Do you have any tips, tricks or advice you would like to share?

PARCS represent the finest brands available on the market; Kubota and New Holland Equipment, Polaris and Can Am ATVs and Side-by-Sides, Generac home/business standby generators and so much more (including full parts and service departments at all locations).

PARCS wants you to join in our belief:  WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER, PARCS!