Citizen’s Spotlight: Brock Malcolm, Lawyer & Affordable Health Care Advocate

Miley Legal Group

Name: Brock Malcolm

Age:  37

Family:  Wife, Jennifer and 4 children (Kyle, Spencer, Rex, & Emery)

Hobbies: Reading, writing, and sports (especially the Mountaineers)

What qualities of your mother/father influenced you the most?  Their emphasis on education and their sense of priority when it came to our family.

What is the best piece of advice you ever got?Nobody ever looks back on their lives and wishes that they had spent less time with their family and their kids, so make the best use of the time you have.

Title/Profession? Years in your field?I have been a lawyer for almost 12 years.  For nearly 4 years, I have served as in-house counsel and Chief Operations Officer for Community Care of West Virginia, Inc.

What does your organization do and what area does it cover?Community Care of West Virginia operates 13 non-profit community health centers in 6 counties throughout West Virginia, including our West Milford Health Center in Harrison County.

What types of obstacles do you see patients experiencing the most around here? The biggest obstacle is access to real primary care and chronic disease management.  A growing number of people do not have health insurance, and, even when people have insurance, they tend to rely too heavily on urgent cares because of the convenience.  Without a true primary care provider, people tend to be reactive in addressing their health.  We help people be proactive.

How are you helping people overcome those obstacles? We offer increased access by utilizing open access (usually the same day) scheduling, so people can be seen when they need it.  We also offer evening hours at least one day a week at every clinic to help accommodate people’s busy lives.  We are always accepting new patients, and we offer programs, such as sliding fee, to assist individuals who don’t have insurance.  We also are participating in WV Connect, which is West Virginia’s newest program to improve the health of the state’s working uninsured by assisting them in getting free primary care at community health centers such as ours.

How do you contact your organization for more information? For appointments at our West Milford Health Center, call (304) 745-4568.  For more information on the WV Connect program, people can call (304) 924-6262 or download applications on our website.  Slots in WV Connect are limited, so interested individuals should act immediately to ensure their enrollment in the program.