Car Accident Statistics Show Dangers of Distracted Driving in West Virginia

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Texting and driving is turning into a national pastime. Unfortunately, this habit is the cause of fatal car accidents all over the United States, including in West Virginia. Car accident statistics show that drivers who text and drive are 23 times more likely to crash.

Crashes involving distracted drivers can be fatal. Car accident statistics confirm people using hand-held devices while steering a car are 4 times more likely to crash and cause serious injury. Even hands-free cell phones reportedly take 39% of a person’s energy and concentration.

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration reports drivers who use cell phones share the same reactions as drivers with a blood alcohol concentration of .08. What is more alarming is that more than 800,000 vehicles on the road are driven by somebody who is in the process of using a hand-held cell phone. This is at any given moment during the day, according to NTHSA.

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