Can I hold the trucking company liable for my injuries after a truck accident in Clarksburg, West Virginia?

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You may be able to hold a trucking company liable for your truck accident injuries in West Virginia if national guidelines outlined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration were broken. A Clarksburg truck accident lawyer can research the specifics of your case and determine if you have a claim worth pursuing.

Responsiblities of Trucking Companies

In general, trucking companies must adhere to:

  • hiring drivers with valid truck licenses;
  • enforcing the set hours of service so truck drivers have a sufficient amount of time off the road;
  • proper load amounts and weight distribution of the truck; and
  • maintaining the truck’s mechanical safety.

Who May Be Held Liable

In addition to the trucking company, you may be able to file a liability claim against the trucking company that licenses the placard on the trailer and/or tractor. You also may consider filing a truck accident claim against the actual employer of the truck driver, which could be different than the trucking company line.

Another source of recovery might be a designer or manufacturer of a faulty part that played a role in your truck accident. Additionally, any maintenance facility or repair shop that is responsible for the truck’s reliability and safety may be named in a truck accident claim.

A truck accident lawyer will be able to evaluate the circumstances of your truck accident to determine who may be liable in your specific case.

Discuss Your Case with a Clarksburg Truck Accident Lawyer

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