But My Aunt In Wichita Got $200,000 For Her Case

Miley Legal Group

One question we often hear is “how do you go about arriving at the value of a personal injury case?”

Here’s the scoop:  Settlement recommendations are gauged against what a lawyer thinks a jury in his or her jurisdiction will award in the case.  A jury is composed of people drawn from the local community, and if your case is going to be tried in our area, it doesn’t matter what your case might be worth in California, New York, or even someplace just an hour or two away.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will know and understand what juries are doing locally.  The lawyer keeps up to date with what jurors are doing by:

  • Taking cases to trial in that jurisdiction.
  • Reading about other verdicts in the legal press (the general media rarely report cases in which no money is awarded.  The general press is interested in news, and for them, news is big verdicts).  The legal press reports both cases that are won and lost.
  • Talking to other lawyers in that area about what their experience has been.

We can’t tell you what a broken leg case is worth on the other side of the country just as your aunt can’t tell you what your case is worth in our area.  You should choose a personal injury lawyer who is experienced, because an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area is in the best position to advise you as to the “settlement value” of your case.