Bikers Take Risks When on their Motorcycles but the Risks Can be Reduced if they have Proper Training

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In West Virginia, during this time of year, many people choose to leave their car in the garage and take on the road by motorcycle. In my experience working in a West Virginia personal injury law firm, I know the risk these 4 million bikers take when they decide to take on the road.  Without a barrier between themselves and the pavement, motorcyclist are 16 times more likely to be killed in an accident.  The State of West Virginia motorcycles account for approximately 3% of the state’s registered motor vehicles but are involved in over 6% of the state’s motor vehicle fatalities.

There is a lengthy list of causes in motorcycle accidents: improper helmet usage (IE no windshield on helmet), weather conditions, the use of drugs or alcohol, road conditions and speeding can all lead to a motorcycle accident. There are also, however, a significant number of accidents that are the result of a fellow motorist on the road and do not have anything to do with the bikers driving. Though a lot of accidents are at the hands of other drivers studies show that 92% of riders involved in motorcycle accidents are not formally trained riders. Meaning, these riders were either shown the ropes by friends or family or they are self taught. I’m sure you can understand the importance of a motorcycle training course when it comes to avoiding self-created accidents and avoided incidents created by weather or road conditions, but these training courses also help riders pay close attention the other vehicles on the road and avoid collisions caused by others. Injuries are also decreased through biker training as impact is minimized and drivers are taught how to deal with an incident.  The West Virginia Motorcycle Safety Program offers rider courses throughout West Virginia

With proper training accidents are reduced, however, being involved in an accident is always a possibility for any motorist. But what are you to do in case of an accident? What information do you need to collect from the other drivers involved? What process do you go through if you have to hire an attorney? How do you know if you even need an attorney?

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