Betty Nuzum of Marion County Senior Center July 2017 Celebrating Volunteers Winner

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Senior centers across our state have become somewhat of a lifeline for many seniors in our community, not only providing them with a nice place to have a good meal, but also to receive basic medical attention, meet and make new friends and visit with long time ones.  Senior centers are also a good place to gather important information and meet with providers and government representatives.  The Marion County Senior Center is no different.  Directed by Debbie Harvey with the main branch located in Fairmont, (with locations also in Fairview and Mannington) the Marion County seniors have a comforting place to go that provides all of the basic necessities.  With the center run by a few employees, volunteers are an integral part of its success.

Betty Nuzum is one of those volunteers.  Her dedication to the Senior Center has allowed her to provide a “breathe of fresh air” not only into the lives of other seniors, but also into hers as well.  At the age of 87, Betty qualifies and participates in many of the services offered, but she also spends her time volunteering at the center to make sure other seniors in the community are well taken care of.  Described by many as the resident “Energizer Bunny,” Betty volunteers a number of days each week to assist the center with the preparation of meals that are not only served in the center, but also packed and dropped off by the center’s delivery service.  Her service to other seniors and her dedication to the center is why Betty Nuzum was selected as this month’s Celebrating Volunteer Award winner by The Miley Legal Group and WBOY.

As a resident of Fairmont for over 60 years, Betty and her late husband, Samuel Nuzum Sr., had one son, Samuel Raymond Nuzum, two grandchildren and five great grand children.  In addition to raising a family, Betty also worked at Owens-Illinois for 27 years.

“Betty always shows up bright and early to our center,” Debbie Harvey, Director of the Marion County Senior Center stated.  “She can work circles around people half her age.  Her smiling face brightens our dining room, and her energy and enthusiasm makes her a very special lady and volunteer.”

     Through volunteering, Betty has been able to share the blessings she has received in life.  Her outlook and demeanor provide a comfort to those in attendance at the senior center.  Everyone that visits the center looks out for her and can not wait to catch what she comes up with next.

“Over the past two years of the Celebrating Volunteers Program, I have been honored to share the stories of many volunteers within our communities, each one significant to the cause that they serve.  Betty Nuzum is one of those amazing people that not only volunteers for an important program within the community, but in doing so, she serves her colleagues and friends.” Gretchen Ross of WBOY stated.  “Being a senior herself, Betty understands the needs of that community and takes the time out of her day to ensure that everyone at the Marion County Senior Center receives the care and attention that they need and deserve.”

     “As the state’s population continues to age, senior centers, such as the one in Marion County, will be a very important foundation of the community it is in,” said Tim Miley, owner of The Miley Legal Group.  “Volunteers and employees will become an integral part of keeping those facilities, therefore the keeping the services they offer going.”

“Betty Nuzum is a wonderful person, who has dedicated her life to the betterment of others in her community.  I love honoring volunteers such as her to not only encourage others to do the same, but to make sure that those that do feel the significance that they have within our communities.”

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     The Celebrating Volunteers awardees receive public recognition for not only themselves, but their organization.  They also receive a $500 contribution to the organization they represent in their name.  Gretchen Ross of WBOY TV and Tim Miley of The Miley Legal Group work together to select the awardees from the many nominations received from the public.   The volunteer selected will have demonstrated their commitment to an organization through volunteerism and support.

“I am an avid supporter of volunteerism in our communities.”  Miley stated.  “The Celebrating Volunteers program is a way that we can recognize the hard work and dedication of individuals across our region.”