Ban on Texting while Driving to Gradually Take Effect in West Virginia

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Following a new law that was approved Friday, June 8, West Virginia will gradually join 39 other states that have already placed a ban on texting while driving.

This new law comes as part of the state’s ongoing campaign against distracted driving. According to an article by The Herald Mail, no motorists will actually receive citations for texting while driving until July 1 and even then texting while driving will be a secondary offense, which doesn’t constitute a traffic stop. In July 2013, hands-on cell phone use will become a primary offense.

According to State Police Superintendent Jay Smithers, law enforcement officers are being instructed to use “common sense” when enforcing this new law and that they understand the learning curve motorists will be facing. To combat this, officials will be putting up road signs, speaking with students, and updating the Department of Motor Vehicles’ driver license handbook.

In 2009, almost 5,500 people nationwide were killed in car accidents caused by a distracted driver. Another 448,000 people were injured that same year. Teens are the most likely age group to be distracted by a cell phone while driving.

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