After a Car Accident in West Virginia, There’s No Quick Fix for Hand Injuries

Miley Legal Group

When a car accident in West Virginia ends with serious hand injuries, the consequences of the lengthy recovery time can mean lost time at work, lost income, not to mention frustration from the pain and lack of mobility.

When you’re facing injuries involving a broken hand, wrist or fingers because of a crash someone else caused, it’s important to discuss your recovery time with your Bridgeport accident lawyer, who can factor the issue into your personal injury claim.

If all goes well, the minimum recovery time is as follows, depending on your injury: 

  • broken wrist – 6 weeks with a cast;
  • broken finger – 3 weeks in a splint; and
  • broken hand 3 to 4 weeks in a cast, splint or fracture brace. 

If you’ve suffered a broken wrist or hand from a car accident in West Virginia, surgery is a possibility. This means you may have to have screws, wires, pins or plates surgically implanted to help the bone heal properly, further complicating your recovery time. .

Long casts extending from the fingertips to the wrist or elbow are often necessary for a broken hand. Even broken fingers require multiple sessions with a therapist and dedicated daily exercises

When you’ve been hurt, talk with your Bridgeport accident lawyer about the realities of the recovery time you face, so that the impact of your injuries can be taken into consideration in your car accident claim.