Advanced Stress Busting

Miley Legal Group

We’ve all been there – a mile-long to do list, a traffic jam the morning of a big work project, trying to herd children to bed at a decent hour, the works.  No matter how organized and on top of things we think we are, stress seems to seek us out like a heat-seeking missile and strike us down right when we need it the least.  And if you’ve felt stress like this, you’ve probably tried to deal with it in any number of ways – from yoga to stress balls, hot baths to brisk walks.  These techniques are good, constructive ways to get rid of stress, but sometimes even they fall short.

For those times when you’re feeling overwhelmed and the conventional stress-busting techniques fail, The Miley Legal Group has gathered a number of advanced stress busting methods for work and at home:

At work.
No doubt a large percentage of our daily stress comes from work.  Whether it’s getting that big project done, or just trying to get there on time, try these tips:

  • Get sleep, and get up earlier.  The night before, decide what you’ll wear the next day.  Get plenty of rest and try to leave enough time in the morning that you can relax before really starting the day.  Watch the news, eat breakfast – do what you need to feel ready.
  • Take a golf ball or glass bottle to work.  Sound strange?  The first time you try a quick foot massage with one, it won’t sound so crazy.  Give it a shot!
  • If you have the authority to do so, paint your office a shade of blue.  Believe it or not, the new, softer walls will help relax you, and possibly even lower your blood pressure.
  • Have fish for lunch.  Research has shown that oily fish like salmon and sardines, full of omega-3 fatty acids, help relieve hostility and aggression and get the nervous system in good order.

At home.
When you get home, you’ll likely just want to relax and forget about work.  Unfortunately, many of our homes are not conducive to the relaxation we need and want.  You can make simple changes in your home to help relieve you of undue stress:

  • Avoid sensory overload.  If all of your senses are being accosted in one room, it’s probably not helping you relax.  Try music instead of TV, a rug instead of cold floors, and cooler colors rather than mix-matched brights.
  • Improve your view.  Maybe you aren’t so lucky as to have a sparkling view of the ocean or snow-capped mountains.  But that doesn’t mean you have to stare at your neighbor’s wall either.  Try improving your windows with a window box full of flowers or herbs, or put up some lush or flowing curtains.
  • Turn up the lights.  In the winter, one of the reasons we tend to get down in the dumps is the lack of sunlight.  This shouldn’t happen in your home though, even in windowless rooms.  When possible, opt for natural sunlight, but if you can’t, try some brighter lights combined with a mirror.

We all fall prey to stress sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be an all-consuming force in your life.  Try relaxing tricks like these to get you feeling back on track, but if you’re ever faced with more than you can handle, remember that it’s okay to seek help.  And if it’s an auto accident or serious injury that’s got you feeling overwhelmed, give us a call at The Miley Legal Group.  We’ll fight like a tiger to make sure you get the compensation and peace of mind you deserve.