Adding Teens to Insurance Policy in Clarksburg

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“Mom/dad, can I borrow the keys to the car?” It’s a common question in households in Clarksburg. But one issue that isn’t always addressed (and should be) is when it’s appropriate to add a teen driver to the family’s auto insurance policy.

A teen might be “borrowing” the family’s vehicle, but that doesn’t mean omitting him/her from insurance. This could become an important issue in the event of an accident.

Should parents add teen drivers to an auto insurance policy?

It’s not clear how many parents fail to notify their insurance companies when their teen child starts driving. Many don’t report this in an effort to save money on premiums. But this could actually end up costing them more. The insurer may not cover an accident if the driver wasn’t included on the insurance policy.

A few states (including West Virginia) allow insurers to require the inclusion of teens with a learner’s permit on the policy. This prevents parents from hiding the fact they have a teen driver. And in some cases, the insurance company might automatically bill the policyholder once the teen reaches driving age.

Not adding a teen driver may hurt you more in the long run. It could lead to the insurer not covering damages if the teen is involved in an accident.

Keep in mind that it’s not just teens a policyholder should consider adding. It’s best to include anyone else who borrows the vehicle on a frequent basis. Insurers tend to look at other drivers as additional risks. And if you’re a driver borrowing a vehicle, it’s important you know what to do if involved in an accident while driving another person’s car.

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