Acquiring a Hospital Infection in West Virginia

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Hospital infections cause numerous illnesses and deaths in the United States. But a hospital infection doesn’t occur to just anybody under any circumstances.

In order for a patient to acquire a hospital infection, 3 factors must be present:

  • Pathogen – this is the infectious agent and it includes bacteria, fungi and viruses, which are all plentiful in hospital settings. After all, hospitals are filled with people suffering from illnesses and carrying infectious agents.
  • Transfer method – the pathogen must have a method of getting from one patient to another. This can occur when a doctor or nurse fails to wash their hands or don a new pair of gloves when touching a non-infected patient after touching an infected patient.
  • Weakened immune system – people who are hospitalized are usually ill and therefore have weakened immune systems. Consequently, they are a hot target for pathogens.

Hospital infections can lead to serious injuries or death, which means additional medical treatment and hefty medical bills, as well as time missed from work. If you or a loved one has contracted a hospital infection and has suffered serious injuries, you might be able to recover damages by filing a West Virginia medical malpractice claim.

You should consult with a Clarksburg medical malpractice attorney who will help determine which parties were negligent and should be held accountable for your injuries.

Contacting a Clarksburg Medical Malpractice Attorney

Hospital infections can lead to serious injuries, prolonged medical care and death. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured after contracting a hospital infection, call the Clarksburg medical malpractice attorneys at The Miley Legal Group for a FREE consultation – 304-326-1800.