Accident Lawyer Free Consultation Really FREE

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You see the ads all the time.  Watching television, billboards, surfing the internet and even on the radio.  FREE Consultation, they scream.  Hey, we at MLG have them too.  But is that consultation really free?  What’s the catch?  There is always a catch!

Accident Injury Attorney Ads Scream Free Consultation

Ok, under most circumstances, the answer is yes – the initial consultation is FREE.  Now some attorneys do charge for an initial meeting, but it depends on what type of lawyer you are looking for.  Most accident lawyers and other personal injury attorneys do not charge a fee for the initial consultation.  How can they do that you may wonder?

Under most circumstances when you are shopping for a product or service, there is always a fee.  When you go to the mall, get your hair cut or even have your oil changed, there is a fee and you pay it generally after you get the product or service.  But there is a difference between these products and services and the legal services you will receive from an attorney.

Free Consultation for Legal Services?

What is the difference you ask?  Well, when you come in for your free consultation, the attorney you meet with is not only selling his or her services, but they are also trying to decide if your case has merit and if in fact they can recover anything for you.  In other words, do you have a claim that can be won in a court of law and how much money would an average court reasonably give you for your types of injuries.  Your attorney is taking a risk when accepting your case since there is no payment up front.

In most instances, those that have been injured in a car accident or some other personal injury do not have the money up front to pay a lawyer for their services.  Frankly, in the best case scenario, you have damaged your vehicle and only have had a few injuries that you are addressing through medical care.  But even a little damage to your car and small personal injuries can come with large bills and extensive medical treatment.  You might even be currently out of work because of the accident and have no money coming in to pay your regular bills.  That is common after an accident, and attorneys understand that.

No Upfront Cost for Your Accident Claim

That is where the Free Consultation comes into play.  An attorney will review your case, find out specific details of what happened, what were your injuries and who was truly liable, and then advise you on what your options are.  Under most circumstances, if a meeting has been set up and the lawyer takes time out of his or her day, they generally think you may have a case, but just need further information to confirm.  Once you sign a contract, you are agreeing to the idea that if you get any funds either through a settlement or a court action, a portion of those funds is paid to the attorney for their work.  No money is needed up front.

So when you are listening to those ads and hear that you can get something for free, don’t be to concerned, generally all injury attorneys offer this claim.  You do still need to make sure you select the right attorney, and that will be your most important decision you make.  Fortunately, we make that easier for you.  You can check out our FREE (Yes, Free) book, 5 Critical Factors You Must Consider Before You Hire a Lawyer to help you make that decision, because you need to make sure that Free Consultation doesn’t cost you money down the road, because if you pick the wrong attorney, it may very well cost you big.