90 Fatalities a Day on our Roadways

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Car accidents that lead to death are have become a common place on the news and throughout your Facebook feed.  As seen recently, car accidents an have a devastating impact on family and friends, with any fatality, but even more so when there is are multiple deaths.  How does one get through the pain and suffering from such a tragic event.  Most experts say it is a slow process and some may never get over.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 32,000 people died on U.S. roadways in 2013.  That is an astonishing average of 90 people a day.  That leads the U.S. to lead any other high-income country in terms of roadway deaths.   That should be shocking to everyone.  The light at the end of the tunnel does show that the U.S. has seen over a 30% reduction in motor vehicle deaths per capita, but is still falls behind other countries that have declined an aver of 55%.

What Causes Fatal Car Crashes?

What you ask contributes to these deaths?  The number one cause of car accidents resulting in death is distracted driving, with drunk driving coming into a close second.  Another factor: lack of seatbelt use, in fact it is estimated that over 3,000 more lives would be saved if everyone buckled up.

The CDC has issues a series of methods that drivers and passengers can help in reducing these numbers:

  • Use a seatbelt in every seat, on every trip, no matter how short.
  • Make sure children are always properly seated and buckled in an age appropriate manner before driving.
  • Get a designated driver if you plan on having alcoholic beverages at any destination.
  • Obey any and all speed limits, even if the flow of traffic is passing you.
  • Drive without Distractions; put your cell phone down.

Who Can Help the Families of a Fatal Car Crash?

Fatalities resulting from car crashes are one of the most complex issues to deal with.  As a family, the priority should be to take care of surviving members and begin healing from the devastating loss.  When ready, it will be necessary to reach out to an attorney to assist the family in dealing with the aftermath.  The complex nature of this type of accident will require the experience necessary to ensure that the family is taken care of, including any children that are now missing loved ones.