6 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident in West Virginia

Miley Legal Group

Avoiding a car accident in West Virginia is the goal for most people on the road. While you can’t control other drivers, there are 6 important steps you can take while driving to decrease your chances of being involved in a traffic collision.

Always keep an eye out on other drivers. When you’re on the road, use your peripheral vision to look for drivers next to you as well as in front or behind you. This can help you determine which cars you should stay away from and give you an escape route in the event of an erratic driver.

Keep your distance. Always remember that it takes a few seconds to stop your vehicle, so maintain a safe distance when behind another vehicle. The faster you’re going, the greater the distance should be.

Avoid driving side-by-side with another vehicle. If you find yourself directly next to a vehicle, either slow down or pull ahead to get out of the driver’s blind spot.

Always check your blind spots before changing lanes. By quickly glancing at your blind spots, you can avoid side-swiping another vehicle.

Look both ways before entering an intersection, even if the light is green. This can help you avoid a serious accident involving a driver who isn’t paying attention to his or her light.

Use your blinkers. Signaling before you change lanes lets other drivers know what you’re planning to do so they can act accordingly.