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If you have been injured in a car accident in West Virginia, you want to be sure your legal rights are protected. This is why it’s important you understand that what you say can end up being used against you significantly affecting the outcome of your West Virginia personal injury claim.

What You Should Never Say After a West Virginia Car Accident

There are some things you should never say to those who are at the accident scene or to the insurance adjuster you may deal with afterwards. Extreme caution should be used when having any type of discussion pertaining to your West Virginia car accident.

  1. Never say is who was at fault. This will be determined later on. You especially don’t want to take responsibility or apologize, as it can be used against you later.
  2.  After a West Virginia accident, never say you aren’t hurt. Sometimes injuries are internal or the shock and adrenalin may be blocking any pain that is underlying. It is important you seek immediate medical attention no matter how you feel.
  3. Never say what you think happened, especially when talking to an insurance adjuster. For instance, you don’t want to state what speed you were driving if you truly don’t know. Guessing, giving an opinion or drawing unfounded conclusions on what led to a car accident in West Virginia can also be used against you.
  4. Never agree to give a recorded statement. The insurance adjuster will attempt to get you to provide a recorded statement which can be taken out of context or distorted to deny or reduce your injury claim.
  5. Do not provide personal information about yourself to an insurance adjuster. In other words, you don’t have to share with the insurance adjuster who your doctor is or other information about your personal or family life.
  6. Never say you will accept an offer without having it reviewed by an attorney. The insurance adjuster will attempt to get you to settle quickly and for a low amount. To ensure you are not accepting a settlement far below what your injuries and treatment will cost you, you should have the help of a Clarksburg car accident lawyer.

Consulting with a Clarksburg car accident lawyer should be your next step if you have been injured in a car accident. Your lawyer will guide you in the process of protecting your West Virginia personal injury claim.

Contacting a Clarksburg Car Accident Lawyer

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