5 Tips for Safe Bicycling

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Tips from Your Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Bicycling has been an ever increasing activity to stay or become healthy, or just as a favorite past time to enjoy the many settings of our great state.  As more and more bicycles enter the roadways, there are more chances for bicyclists to be involved in accidents with vehicles.  There are many groups and organizations that advocate for bicycle paths, road additions, etc…, but these may not necessarily prevent bicycle accident.  Many accidents involving bicyclists occur because the driver of the vehicle fails to either yield the right of way or is distracted and not paying full attention to the roadway.  Here are five tips that we can provide to not only bicycle riders, but also drivers to assist in preventing cars or trucks from meeting bicycles head on.

  1. Wear a helmet.  First of all, in most counties and municipalities it is a requirement to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle, especially on a public road way.  Not only does it offer a great level of protection, it also provides a method of visibility based on the use of colors and reflectors.
  1. Wear bright colors.  In fact, this is one of the best methods of preventing accidents and providing a way to be seen by drivers.  Brightly colored clothing makes a rider not only more visible, but drivers have become use to seeing bright colors when driving, such as neon orange, yellow or even pink.
  1. Use lighting.  Whether headlights or taillights, lighting can also help you become more visible, including a dawn, dusk and during night time rides.  The more visible you become the safer the ride and the decreased likelihood of catastrophic injuries.
  1. Obey traffic laws.  This is generally a given, but reminders are always good.  Traffic laws apply to bicycle riders as well.  Come to complete stops at all stop signs and be sure to be aware of oncoming and merging traffic.
  1. Finally, make sure you have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM).  Why you ask is car insurance important?  Because depending on the circumstances surrounding your bicycle accident and who is at fault, having an extra layer of protection through your coverage can only benefit you.

Bike Riders have Rights to Roadways

As a bike rider, you have the same rights to the roadway as a driver.  Although many drivers may not completely understand the rules and regulations, it is important that the bicyclist does.  Common causes of bicycle accidents can include, once again, failure to yield by a driver, hitting a bike while passing, rear-ending a bicycle at an intersection and even full on crashing into a bike on the roadway.

Bicycle Accidents are Preventable

Many accidents that involve bicycles are very preventable.  As mentioned before, distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents between vehicles and bike riders.  If you end up in an accident, it is important to get medical help immediately, and then legal help.  The Miley Legal Group is your bicycle accident firm, and can assist you in your time of need.  Give us a call and we can get the answers you need to the questions you may have.