5 Common Misunderstandings about Car Accident Law Firms

Miley Legal Group

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  1. Lawyers Cost Too Much Money – WRONG! (No Fee Unless you Win)

The Miley Legal Group will not charge a fee unless you win your case.  We are paid with a portion of your settlement.  It is our primary goal to get you the best results for your case that we can.

  1. Car Accident Victims Cash In! – WRONG!

In most instances, the amount of your settlement will depend on a number of factors.  These include, but are not limited to, the amount of property damage, the extent of your medical injuries, how the accident has affected your daily life, lost wages, and how it will affect you in the future.

  1. Accident Claims Are Easy, Anyone Can Do Them. – WRONG!

No accident claim is the same.  Every accident is different, and so, every claim is different.  The more damages, whether property or medical, the more difficult the case.  As costs escalate so do the challenges put forth by the insurance companies.  You need to have an experienced attorney to guide you through the process.

  1. Large Law Firms Are the Best to Handle My Case. – WRONG!

When reviewing law firms to make a decision on who you want to handle your case, it is important to remember that just because the law firm is large and statewide, it may not be best suited for you or your case.  At a smaller firm, more attention can be paid to the client and their issues, which in the end could result in a better outcome.  At The Miley Legal Group, we offer personalized service, come to us, our staff take a personal approach when it comes to our clients and their cases.

  1. Car Accident Claims Are Too Time Consuming. – WRONG!

When it comes to an accident or injury claim, never let time deter you from filing a claim and following through to hold accountable those that caused you harm.  Depending on your claim’s circumstances, it can take anywhere from 1-3 years to come to a final resolution.  Do not let that deter you, you deserve to have you case heard, and you deserve to have your life put back together.