3 Tips to Calculate Damages Before Fighting a Car Accident Case in Court

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A car accident victim is entitled to recover compensation for damages sustained as a result of the accident. Victims should make sure to calculate damages carefully before fighting the case in court.

Here are three tips to help calculate damages in a car accident claim:

  • Vehicle repair costs. Car accident victims need estimates of damage from a reputable automobile repair shop. Seeking another estimate may be necessary if it is suspected the insurance company’s repair shop is not providing a fair estimate.
  • Medical treatment costs. In addition to current costs, victims always should include the cost of any long-term treatment and/or therapy that may be required in the future. Estimates should come from a registered medical practitioner only. A prognosis that will keep victims out of work for a long period of time should include the amount lost in wages in the damages claim.
  • Rental car costs. Alternate modes of transportation may be needed during the time a car is away for repairs. Victims may be compensated for the car rental fees during this period.

Calculating the car accident damages that are justly due to victims can be a very complex task, simply because so many dynamic factors are involved in the assessment. That is why many car accident victims seek the help of a personal injury attorney.

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